PPF is concerned over the attack on journalists Clifford Faiparik and Jason J Prince Wuri in Papua New Guinean Cultures
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Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) in a letter to Peter O’Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea expressed concern over the safety of media personnel in Papua New Guinea after Clifford Faiparik of The National and Jason Gima Wuri, of the National Broadcasting Corporation seriously injured in an attack.

PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali in his letter urged the government of Papua New Guinea to swiftly take action against the attack, identify the perpetrators and book them. Aslam Ali also urged to provide better protection for media personnel in of Papua New Guinea.

According to Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF), on September 15, Faiparik and Wuri were travelling back to Port Moresby with the group including Goillala MP William Samba and his District Administrator Titus Girau after visiting the Central Province electorate, when they were attacked on the road and injured seriously.

Reports cite the attack as taking place along the Hiritano Highway, with Samba and his District Administrator the main targets for the roadblock-style attack by men armed with knives. They managed to escape by through the road block while being stoned.
Faiparik was injured on the elbow and stomach while Wuri underwent surgery for gash wounds to his right-hand and Girau also got cuts to his body.

The incident raises important concerns for journalists and their news organizations over the need for media personnel to have access to prompt medical support.


THE Onongae Catholic mission in the remote and mountainous Goilala District of Central is a place steeped in history and is from here that the Gospel began to spread to the rest of the district and province.

Onongae is where the French Catholic priest Fr Dubuy first arrived in 1913 and used his engineering feat to cut arteries out from mountains to build horse tracks so that the Gospel could be spread throughout Goilala right to the borders of Morobe and Northern.
Sadly, Fr Dubuy, then aged 65, died suddenly at Onongae Catholic mission in 1952. It is thought that his death was probably from a heart attack while he was digging the foundation for a new church building. He is buried at the mission.

One of his spiritual grandsons and Goilala MP, William Samb, is following in his footsteps to upgrade the track into a highway which will not only link Goilala to Port Moresby, but push down other mountains to further to link Lae and unite Papua and New Guinea.
There’s a Chinese tale about villagers laughing at an old man who is digging a tunnel through the mountain with his bare hands and a stick saying that if he dies before the tunnel is completed, his children will take over from him.

Well, that tale is now unfolding in Goilala where the old fashioned civil engineer Fr Dubuy dug a horse track out of the mountains using dynamites, wheel barrows, sticks and shovels and local labour. His project was also questioned by other expatriates and locals at that time as it was deemed impossible for a road to be built through the thick virgin rain forest that covered the sometimes mountainous area. But the good padre was able to build the track that allowed small vehicles such as jeeps, Suzukis, motorbikes, tractors and horses to use it during those days. The passageway was always maintained.
Currently, Samb, a modern civil engineer is upgrading that track also known as Dubuy highway with modern heavy earthmoving equipment to link Goilala to Port Moresby and Lae.
The MP sees no need for expensive construction of new roads.
“We will just link up the track to the existing Hiritano highway in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate and there is already an abandoned logging track that was built 20 years by loggers and just upgrade that track and we already have 15kms of road.

“Another 75kms is yet to be done to link up to the track. The Dubuy highway goes all the way to Onongae, Woitape, Fane, Tolukuma and Yongae at the border of Northern.”
These places are in the Woitape LLG. The track is linked to Tapini station in the Tapini LLG. From Tapini, it goes right to Momuomu in Guari LLG right at the border of Morobe.
Samb said that the track also linked Tolukuma to the existing Tapini Highway. And Tolukuma mine developers (Asitokona) will upgrade the track from Tolukuma to Fane to Belavisat in Tapini LLG. That will link with Tapini Highway at Bakoidu in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate and from there link with Aropokina also along the Hiritano Highway.
Road travellers will eventually have options to either use Aropokina or Kuriva to travel between Lae and Port Moresby.

There is an existing road from Lae to Kataipa in Bulolo district which borders with Central.
“So we are now upgrading the horse track between Tapini station and Guari and hoping to complete the upgrading by Dec for vehicles to travel. From there, Bulolo MP Sam Basil and I will work on the end of the roads in our electorates to link them up. And we are hoping that road will link both cities before the 2017 national elections.”
Samb said that he would only be rehabilitating and upgrading the projects and services that the Catholic missionaries had established.

“Services such as schools, heath centres, communication and economical projects like agriculture…these services like the road network have deteriorated since the missionaries left and past MPs had failed to upgrade them.”

Apart from the road project, communication network is another project that has already installed throughout Goilala. Kambise, Onongae, Fane, Omuomu and Yongae all have VSAT.

“The missionaries had used VHF and HF radio network to communicate with the outside world, but I have gone another step further by installing VSAT which the people can not only communicate but also to access television network and internet to watch news , sports and to know what is happening outside of Goilala.”
Just as it was the vision of early missionaries like Fr Dubuy to build roads to further the spread of the gospel and open up communication, these same dreams are now being realised by leaders of Goilala.

Not only are Goilalas to be linked to the national capital Port Moresby, they will be able to spread their wings to travel to other provinces on the mainland via the new arterial roads.
These set of roads will finally be the link between Port Moresby, Lae, Madang and the Highlands


September 27, 2016 The National Main Stories


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THE Goilala district in Central is keen on sending some of its young men and women to attend the Wau Alluvial Mining Institute (Wami) in Bulolo, Morobe, next year, MP William Samb says.

Samb said this after paying a courtesy visit to the institute last Saturday with members of his district development authority.

Samb and his team were in Bulolo to strengthen existing relations with the district and find new ways to foster partnership.

The team visited a number of establishments in Bulolo like the Bayune Hydro Power Station, the Coffee Industry Corporation office, the National Forest Products facilities and Wami.

Samb’s team included LLG presidents Patrick Bawai (Guari), Keleto Kope (Tapini) and Joe Geru (Woitape).  Wami training coordinator Samuel Leonarhd took Samb and his team around on a tour of the institution’s facilities.

The institution teaches alluvial miners on mining techniques, mercury usage, environmental issues, the mining law, occupational health and safety, business, HIV and AIDS, personal development and child labour, among other courses.

“The idea is to develop the small-scale alluvial industry in the country,” Leonarhd said.

“The aim is we want to make a complete business person,” he said.

“This is the only alluvial mining school in the Asia-Pacific region that teaches people about small scale mining.”

The institution takes in about 32 students at a time and trains them for two weeks. Samb, who was impressed with the school’s set up and management, said he was keen to send a number of his constituents to attend the institution.

“The fact that our DDA members are here, we will see to it that we discuss the matter and send some of our young men and women here to go through these trainings,” Samb said.

“I’ve seen that in Goilala small-scale miners are building small tunnels and what if these tunnels collapse?  It’s good we came here and get some basic knowledge of what you do,” Samb said.


By Clifford Faiparik

REMOTE villagers in the mountainous Goilala district in Central are able to watch television in their own homes – thanks to MP William Samb.

He travelled to Kodige village in Goilala last Thursday to switch on the television and make phone calls from there after the launching of the VSat network at the Kotinge Community School.
Samb switched on the television and made phone calls out of Lower Dilawa.

Area chief Kaia Ciriso said the people were happy to be connected to the rest of the world as their Independence Day gift.
Samb said communication was important to development in the remote area.

“Communication will enable you to let people know about your needs,” he said.

“Without communication, there will be no help.”
So far, the VSat system has been installed at Onongae, Yongae, Sopu and Omu villages.

Samb said the rollout of the system was funded under the K6 million district service improvement programme fund.

Other infrastructure developments are the roads from Tapini to Guari, Bakoiudu to Tapini and Kuna to Onongae.
Airstrips are being upgraded at Onongae, Yongae, Woitape, Fane, Sopu and Guari.


Goilala District is made up of 3 language groups which have been further used as LLG boundaries within the District.
Guari LLG covers 98% of Gunimaipa language speaking Goilala. The remaining 2% extend into Tapini LLG and even back into Bulolo District’s Waria LLG and even into Gulf Province and some parts of Kairuku Hiri District.
Tapini LLG is dominated by Tauwade speaking Goilalas. The District’s HQ is in Tapini LLG. Tauwade speaking Goilalas extend also in some parts of Guari LLG. And Tauwade speaking Goilalas are also found in Woitape LLG’s Ward 6 – Kosipe-Tanipai.
Woitape LLG Goilalas speak the third language which is Fuyuge. Parts of Fuyuge speaking Goilalas extend into Kairuku Hiri from the Auga Dilava (Ward 4 and 5) and Lower Veitapu (Ward 7 and Ward 8) sections.
When it comes to aggression and violence, Gunimaipas and Tauwades share number 1 place equally. Making the second place vacant. Third place is owned by Fuyuge speaking Goilalas.
The Fuyuge speaking Goilalas in Auga Dilava seem to pick up on the aggressive rankings mostly because of the influence they got from the influx of Tauwades and Gunimaipas at the TGM mine site.
Woitape station is also dominated and controlled by Tauwades from Kosipe and Tanipai. The Fuyuges are out classed in the aggressive and violent department in their own turf.

Gunimaipas and Tauwades, been serious about extending and expanding their aggressive and violent beliefs, has filtered into Waria LLG in Morobe’s Bulolo District and has made Wau Town become their own for a fair while now. They even out smart the locals like their fellow aggressive brothers in Woitape station.

Tauwades and Gunimaipas are tribes made up of people who are so drunk with egos. An attempt to dent and lower or downgrade that EGO is an attempt made on their lives.
They will retaliate with all guns blazing. And your life can be taken over a minor issue, so long as it’s an ego issue for Tauwades and Gunimaipas.
Most of the time, if not, all the time, these EGOS are over inflated, blown out of proportion and even exaggerated. But who cares, so long as the Gunimaipas and Tauwades feel good defending that, its all OK.
When it comes to taking a life,Tauwades and Gunimaipas will not pause to reconsider their actions.

A white man was murdered in Aiwara, back in the early 1980s. And the murderers later compose a song about the way they killed the poor soul. I was a kid back then, and recall choppers flying into Tapini station with police and media personnel. ‎

Compose a song? And show off about how it was done? Laughing it off and feeling good about yourselves?

Don’t you think that poor life lost has a family? Don’t you think that life lost might be a husband to a wife who will now be a widow? And don’t you think that life lost is a dad to a child who will now have no father because you took his father’s life?

Except for condemnation and discrimination from far and wide.
Try to ask senior educated Goilalas today how it has been for them to find employment in organisations back in the day when the name Goilala was a BLACK STAIN in itself.
And even after securing employment, how has it been like to go to work every day, working amongst people who knew they were from Goilala.
So long as you are from Goilala,you had killer/criminal/rapist/thief instincts built into you.
Public servants from outside have over time declined to come and work in Goilala not because there was no food or no schools or no aid posts. They declined purely because of security reasons and their own safety.

One commentator rightfully stated..”it does not matter how long one has taken to be good to a Goilala, when it comes to taking your life, a Goilala will do it without remorse”

Most of the time we seem to say the mountainous, rugged, terrain with steep mountain ranges and fast flowing rivers is the reason why government services are not been delivered to us for our own use.
We also blame it on incompetence on the part of our politicians and leaders.  We say their incompetence has allowed corruption, greed and mismanagement of public finances hence hindering basic service delivery throughout Goilala.
But don’t you think it’s fair to say our own actions of violence and aggression is directly playing a role to block the free flow of services in Goilala?
Don’t you also think the “inaction” of those few good people in not helping to apprehend or educate the violent and aggressive individuals might be a hindrance in itself?

We are so close to the Capital of Papua New Guinea. And it’s so unfortunate our own actions/inactions are directly contributing to pushing us to the stone ages.

We all wish for that one day were Goilalas will not be judged by the background of our Ethnic Originality but by the Content of the magnitude of our contribution towards nation building.
What can we do as Individuals AND as a Group to help us achieve this WISH?
The onus is now on us, the Goilalas to do the right thing.
We HAVE to and we MUST step up both in our actions, our words, our interactions, our beliefs and our dreams to help achieve this. ‎‎‎‎


In a layman’s language, Secondary Education is a level in our education system where one is prepared for University Education. More so Tertiary education.

And in any University system, in the country or overseas, the brightest, well prepared, fully equipped students converged in one place.

And while they are competing against the system to survive each semester in a University, there is a high chance for these students been measured against each other.

The last thing we would want to happen is to get “ill-prepared, half-baked, below par performing students into any University and realize they will survive the first semester of their first year and drop out because they can’t get passed that first semester – FLUNKED!

If I was the MP, and maybe if I was in charge of Diocese of Bereina, I would suggest this as a way forward.

[1] Make Submission upgrade (a) St. Peter ToRot Primary school, (b) Fatima Primary School, (c) Sopu Primary School, (d) Tolokuma Primary Schools & (e) Yongai Primary School to TOP UP – taking in grades 7 & 8. [in the first year]

[2]. With 6 TOP UP schools now in operation in Goilala, I would push to have St Peter ToRot, Fatima and Tolokuma upgraded to “DAY HIGH SCHOOLs” – taking in Grades 9 – 10 [in the second year].

[3] With St Peter ToRot and Fatima, with Tolokuma made Day High School, I would push to have Omu/Rupila and Kone Bridge, and Mondo Primary Schools become TOP UP to cover the void created by the DAY HIGH SCHOOLs promotions.[in the second year – runs parallel to option 2.]

[4] I would ensure Woitape Vocational Centre is Open and make Submissions upgrade that to a Technical College. In preparation to take in drop outs from a District Secondary School if there does exists one. [in the 3rd year]

[5] Make Submissions upgrade Tapini Sacred Heart High School to a SECONDARY HIGH SCHOOL.

[6] Make it mandatory for all dropouts from Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary High School to get enrolled into Woitape Technical college

Back in my Grade 5, my Teacher Mr. Kevin Javia [father of brother Francis Javia ] challenged me and my class in Sopu Comunity school.

“When you finish from Sopu, if you are successful, you end up in Tapini, where Goilala’s brightest students across the District will gather. You need to be smart and clever to get passed Tapini High School [then]

After Tapini, if you are smart and bright, you end up in a National High school – Sogeri. That is where Central Province’s finest and brightest will get selected too. There won’t be room for monkey games there.

If you still survive Sogeri, you get to UPNG, that is where the Nation’s brightest are selected to. You will have no time for monkey games.

If you are not alert, if you are not prepared, if you are lazy, if you are ill-prepared, you will get smoked out along the way.

Get serious now, if you want to be that student standing up there amongst the Nation’s best after 4 years at UPNG to receive your scroll from the Chancellor of UPNG” – Mr. Kevin Javia.

I would hate to see Goilala students going to University and Tertiary colleges to be slaughtered by the system, and be filtered and rejected on arrival.


A Ten million kina submission for Tapini SHHS to be upgraded to Secondary school knocked back due to concerned stakeholders not committing their share for COUNTERPART FUNDING.

And I believe that this is the first time a submission of such forwarded by Bereina Dioceses Project office was overlooked.

This is a total let down for District and the Agency because of Government of the day including the Provincial, District, and the Prime Minister’s office.

Information from a close source of Diocese project office stated that our school submission was in the final list for funding but dropped.

If only we had that 20percent of the ten million we would have the first Grade Eleven next year 2017.
Source: Post by Albert Alex Kaita  on Goilala District Discussion Forum Facebook group.

Photos provided by Martin Au of Tapini Sacred Heart High School