TGM area, with areas around Tapini station up to Kerau are visibly having large areas without VSAT presence.

For anyone that don’t know, TGM has Digicel coverage, so is Tapini station.

Tapini station Tower feeds Tororo, Lavavai, up to Kerau and Koruavu and down Pilitu areas.

Minaru and Lolope with ilaiap villages are in the dark spots for coverage.

TGM feeds the whole of Auga valley.
Dilava is behind the ranges after Fane so Kodige gets a VSAT to help cover these areas.


General Information.. for all… curious minds out there


2763245 is the number to call Omu.

I just called and great to know that the years of feeling Isolated and Neglected by this remote communities in Goilala is coming to an end.

I experienced the feeling last week while in Kosipe last week where Airborne Logistics chopper would not come in due to weather and other issues. I had to send people to the next Digicel signal location to make to call to a friends of my ordeal.

I left Kosipe three days later than scheduled. Thanks to Anthony Morant.


With that experience i know how powerful access to communication is. For those of us in the comforts of our mobile keyboards criticising the Visat project are encouraged to put yourself in the shoes of our families in those isolated and remote communities and feel what they feel and how much they appreciate such developments.

On that token I encourage all Guari elites to ensure our people take good care of such initiatives.

As the Chinese believe .. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step

I look forward to getting to Omu and Rupila and Guari LLG with the Agriculture team to boost the untapped Agriculture Economic potential.

Thanks to Hon. William and his DDA.

Long live the Goilala Dream!!

Words by Michael Atuai, photos provided by Telikom Technicians from Omu.


This vegetable project would not have eventuated without support from the Goilala District Development Authority guided by the MP for Goilala, Hon. William Samb.

I also acknowledge the high-quality input from Joel Neva and Victor Keruv equally supported by Benjamin and Bosco in Tanipai and Kevin and Raphael Ivoro in Kosipe.

The most important group in this whole project are the hard working farming clans and families for whom this whole project was supported by the GDDA.

Words and photos by Michael Atuai [taken from his wall]


Sopu Community School in Tapini LLG’s Ward 3 is the only school operating. Kileipi Community School is closed.

Sopu Community School has been closed since 1995. That’s close to 20 odd years of closure.
Kids who were born in 1995 today are adults bearing kids.

Do they have some form of education? NO.
Are they literate? NO.
Is it there fault that they are illiterate? NO.

With the kind gesture of local volunteer teachers, Sopu Community School has been operating since 2014. This year 2017 is their 4th year running.

Sopu Community School today received their desks dropped off by Manolos Aviation chopper.

Sopu Desks at Manolos Base - Lae
Sopu Desks at Manolos Base – Lae

Goilala District Authority has approved funding for school desks to be produced in Lae and utilising the forward loading option available with Manolos Aviation these desks are distributed across selected schools throughout the District.


Telikom Technician Lyndon E. Gregory today boarded a Manolos Aviation chopper from Lae to be dropped off at Omu mission station to get the V-SAT installation underway.
Map - Omu.JPG
Manolos will then drop off desks at Sopu (see separate story) then pick up Michael Atuai who is doing potato farming at Tanipai/Kosipe.

Michael Atuai will be dropped off at Kambisea to continue inspecting the progress of potato farms at Kambisea and Ononge and Chopper will head to piCk up rest of Telikom team and will drop off at Omu.
15972697_10154871612068895_6811751293685521607_oWe expeCt Omu V-sat to Come up the end of today or midday tomorrow (Friday).

Rupila V-sat will follow suit once Omu is done.


Dear Anthony Morant,

As you know in running the mine, the Mining Act requires us to engage certified Mine Managers. Because the Mine Managers Exams was postponed in December 2015, there is a dearth of certified Mine Managers. The current Mining Act permit us, the incumbent Mining Leaseholder to employ competent individual as acting mine manager for a limited period. MRA conducted its only Mine Managers exam for 2016 in December 2016, and we had three of our senior managers take the exam.

Kelly Mende is one of them and we are told that once the Examination Board is constituted, they will review the candidate’s papers and issue the Mine Manager’s Certificate accordingly.

In mid-December, we noted that a female storekeeper left the mine for her field break and did not return to work according to schedule. We made the necessary checks and after due process terminated her employment for breach of employment terms and rules. It then dawn on us the Kelly Mende went on his field break at the same time and did not return according to the schedule as well.
On 21 December 2016, we wrote to him requesting that he explain his absence. In his response, Kelly informed us that he is terminating his employment with us citing his inability to work under the system and structure set out by the Board of Directors.

From the outset the organization and management structure on how Tolukuma Gold Mines is to be managed by the new owners Asidokona Mining Resources was made known to all senior managers of the company.

Our structure differs from the one used by Petromin. The Directors have not altered the organization structure of the company since its implementation and neither have there been caused to change it.

We have filled up most key vacancies and the most recent being the appointment of Ms. Joy Herea to head the Human Resource function. After slightly more than a year, Kelly now cites that he cannot work with the chain of command and reporting lines set by the Board.

We do not wish to elaborate or dwell on the matter any further.
He has made his decision and we have made ours.
Please, therefore, respect his as well as our decisions.
Thank You
Asidokona Management.


To clear the air, the General Manager’s office is not a decoy, why?

A proper protocol is not followed whereby, any correspondence to the Board should through the General Manager’s office.
The office of the General Manager is being bypassed, whereby any manager and the employee is corresponding with the directors.
A transparent and properly reporting structure and organization structure is needed for the Tolukuma gold mine operations.

Many decisions were made without my consent so decided to quit serving TGM, to keep my professional integrity intact.

I am a professional manager and will keep my professional integrity clean. My resignation is purely based on the management structure.

I have been asking the directors to fix it but went to deaf ears, example, HR Manager reports directly to the Board, finance manager reports directly to the Board and even supervisors report to the directors as well.

Source: Kelly Mende’s comment on the District Facebook group.