Are we still blind to what William Samb has started doing for his beloved people of Goilala over the last 18 months while in the Opposition?

This humble yet visionary leader has done a tremendous job over the last 1 year and 8 months. Give him a full five-year term and Pangu Party will form the next Government and we can see the continuation of what he has started with Pangu for Goilala District.

I am proud to say that we have a good number of high profile candidates for this election representing Goilala District. Some are doers and others are just talkers. Bruce Mamando is a doer, just like William Samb. However, in the by-election in August 2015 the people of Goilala District opted for their own son in William Samb to lead the process of change in Goilala District. He has lived to his promise and has started changing Goilala District.

This is the time to go in and complete what he has started for the short term and medium term projects and lay the foundation for the longterm projects like human resources development. The foundation for the Goilala Dream is Human Resources Development of Goilala District. But our people must have better health care, good transport infrastructure, communication with the outside world and be economically empowered through the development of our agriculture sector to be able to focus for the long term which is the development of our human resources.

Goilala District cannot compare itself with Simbu and Enga Provinces for example. These two provinces invested in human resources through their visionary leaders like late Iambakey Okuk and Peter Ipatas when Goilala District was still in the dark.

To change and be in par with the rest of PNG, we must have a workable development blueprint for Goilala District.

That development blueprint is starting to manifest under William Samb. Make no mistake about it.

See it and believe in William Samb and what he has started doing for Goilala District. You may dislike him, you may hate him and you may envy him. But the overall development and prosperity of Goilala District and the future well-being of our sons and daughters and their children are far more paramount than our individual interests and beliefs.

Let us give our support to William Samb because he knows where he is leading Goilala to and he has a roadmap that he is following. Goilala District will not be lost anymore.

People of Goilala District, return William Samb to make Goilala District great again.

Long Live the Goilala Dream!


23rd April 2017.
Kosipe valley had the opportunity to have its VSAT service with the other Farming Projects officiated by their local MP Hon William Samb.

Accompanying the Open Member was the CEO of Manolos Aviation Jurgen Ruh and Airborne Logistics Pilot Todd McNahon to this event.

Kosipe valley has its place in the history books both on the archeological front and the human resource development front for Goilala.

Kosipe is said to be the first site of human settlement dating back 50,000 years when Australia was connected to the Island of New Guinean to what’s is known as the Continent of Sahul.

Kosipe also was the first site where Catholic missionaries settled after landing into Yule Island back in the 1880s. Catholic missionaries headed inland from Yule Island and Kosipe was one place they settled after Fane and Ononge.
Kosipe Catholic Mission (43)

The sun rose that morning to send its beautiful rays over Kosipe and the locals dressed up to the occasion to witness that launching.
Joel Neva with Tood McNahon officially opened the Potato, and Strawberry with Super Talapia and Common Cup Fish Project.
While Manolos Aviation CEO Jurgen Ruh with Central Provincial Police Commander Asi Laimo officially opened the VSAT service. Coming with this VSAT service is the voice for telephone and extension of TV signals – EMTV and NBC. It also has the option to extend data service for the internet.
Speaking on behalf of the people of Kosipe, Joel Neva requested the MP, if he does return as the MP for Goilala after the NGE2017, to purchase a tractor with a ploughing component with tools – spades, forks, knives – to enable the locals to farm their fertile valley.

Photos and story – Goilala District Blog.


Joel Neva, after completing the English potato demonstration and planting in Ward 1 and Ward 2 in Woitape LLG, he was extracted back into Lae on the 25th of March 2017.

He flew back into Sopu with the Sopu, Tapini and Kailape potato seeds on 27th April 2017.
Potato Farming Enters Sopu - Joel Neva (2)
Goilala District Development Authority has funded potato funding project to be distributed and planted district-wide.

Entry into Sopu signals the completion of Woitape LLG and entry into Tapini LLG. With the National Elections fast approaching, the chances of extending the project into Guari LLG is very slim.

However, it the incumbent Open MP Hon William Samb retains his seat, this project seems very definite to spread into the rest of Tapini LLG and enter Guari LLG before 2017 ends.

Sopu people had the opportunity to be taught by Joel Neva, an experienced Didiman who has spent the last 4months walking the rugged terrains of Goilala.
Potato Farming Enters Sopu - Joel Neva (1)
Sopu people distributed their potato bags across to the neighbouring Iveiava and Lole and Lamanaipo villages.

The demonstration plot used at Sopu would be used as a guide by the locals to have their seeds planted.

Potato Farming Enters Sopu - Joel Neva (3)Joel was extracted on Friday 31st of March 2017 back into Lae to prepare for the Super Talapia fingerlings to be brought into Kosipe very soon.
Potato Farming Enters Sopu - Joel Neva (4)
Keep following this Blog for more updates on the Super Talapia story and other updates and current affairs stories from Goilala District.

Photo Credit: Joel Neva



BLESSED EDMUND RICE PRIMARY SCHOOL - Opening (1)On the eve of Fools Day, Pilitu people in Tapini LLG’s ward 5 welcome a present like no other into their midst – Opening of  ” BLESSED EDMUND RICE PRIMARY SCHOOL” at Kone Bridge.

Oral History has it that Pilitu people in comparison to the rest of Tapini LLG people are least educated.

The Goilala Highway passes through their land before it reaches Tapini station – the HQ for Goilala District.

Pilitu land extends down into the Kairuku Hiri District as well. And this fact leaves the political leaders of both District blaming each other on who should be held responsible for service delivery in this section of Goilala.

Noticing the absence of virtually everything, Catholic Church decided to invest in Human Resource of this small ward. And it would be an understatement to say their investment is bearing fruit.

Their investment is becoming a reality in leaps and bounds.

BLESSED EDMUND RICE PRIMARY SCHOOL is their first Primary School and was opened formally by the Catholic Church Clergymen which included Bishop Rochus Tamatai and Father Brian Cahil and others.

The Pilitu chiefs agreed and gave up land for development to the Catholic Church against arguments and dispute among themselves.

Even a young man Kaperu who has a large share in this land passed away and didn’t live to see his children attend school.

A proud Paul Kaita, one of the bright lights of Pilitu village said, “Now Pilitu people, have a school to be proud of.  You who degraded and criticized the Pilitu people as the least educated and most primitive can now stop. Just like you, we will work hard to develop our district thru support and positive energy.”

This chapter is a beginning of a new life into Pilitu. Pilitu children can now rest easy as they have their own school to attend. They don’t have to go all the way to Tapini station to attend school.

Photo Credit: Father Casmiro Kito – Local Priest from Pilitu


English Potato Farm plot at Kambisea
Michael Atuai
led potato farming project has had its sample harvest done over the weekend.

First Harvest - Kambisea
First Harvest from the Potato seeds been distributed throughout Goilala for commercial farming

Hon William Samb and Michael Atuai flew into Kambisea to make awareness of the CIC arrangement/engagement that is soon to be made known also spent time visiting the potato farming that was distributed earlier.

Michael Atuai in the Potato Farm plot
Michael Atuai in the Potato Farm plot in Kambisea

Using this opportunity, Mr. Atuai was able to educate people about the correct procedures in how to harvest and when to harvest and how to stock it and where to stock the seeds for nursery purposes.

Michael Atuai with farmers at Kambisea
Michael Atuai with the Farmers after sample harvest at Kambisea

Sample harvests were done. And here are the photos.

Member for Goilala with the Farmers after sample harvest at Kambisea
Member for Goilala with the Farmers after sample harvest at Kambisea

Photo credit: Michael Atuai from kambisea.
Awareness Drive at Kambisea -



Tapini Station
Goilalas participating on the game of Criticism on social media these day has brought about some pattern that is visibly obvious amongst us Goilalas who are actively using this platform to air our opinions online.

For example One.
Those of us who in the course of our individual history spent some stage of our life in Tapini station are forever vocal and active on social media raising issues and/or addressing issues both Goilala, Provincial and National issues. Putting that in percentages, it would be 90% of so called keyboard warriors.

Is that such a healthy trend?

Example Two.
Locals (those online) from Tapini and surrounding villages like Kovetapa, Lamina, Tatupit, Jova Loloipa villages and Pilitu village including Kone bridge always think the name Goilala District refers to them and them only.

Anything and everything that happens in Goilala must be centered on them and in Tapini.
Doing that elsewhere is legally illegal.

Example Three.
Tapini Highway is the only road that links up Goilala District, confirming Example 2.

I am calling Goilala Highway, Tapini Highway because its just what the name states. This road stops at Tapini station and extends to say Tororo and Lavavai villages. Not further than that.

And to those I referred to in Example 2, road transport is the only mode of transport service used by Goilala District people – reaffirming example 2 mentality (90% population).

I was born in Tapini hospital. Grew up in Tapini station. Was given land there which is still there been taken care of by relatives.
I also see this issue as explained in the 3 examples above.

But is such a healthy mindset, I ask myself.

Common sense tells me and facts support this, Tapini (station) is never, ever Goilala District and Goilala District is never ever going to be Tapini (station).

Let’s be mindful of that as we keep doing our thing for Goilala in our respective means and ways.

All in all, we Tapstone citizens will call a spade, a spade and a fork, a fork. And still, stand unmoved. We won’t deviate from that.

And am proud to be one of them.